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Women Welfare

Publish Time: 2015/04/24


Women Welfare

To aggressively eliminate and prevent women problems through system and policy change, the Administration starts out from the perspective of women, using empowerment of capacity as consideration to plan and promote the different services, in attempt to construct and organize the diverse resources for women welfare and the complete service transport system through a more aggressive and refined approach.

I. Women Empowerment

(1) Cooperating with private-sector groups for organization of relevant solutions: Upgrading women ranking and self-implementation power to cooperate with private sector groups for the organization of women’s welfare, women’s rights, women’s group leaders, women’s association organization capacity, women’s community participation, women’s computer information and enhancement of gender awareness related seminar training, workshops, observations, and educational training to strengthen the base women and group organization empowerment.

(2) Strengthening the function of Women’s Welfare Service Center: Aggressively supervising local governments to establish women’s welfare centers for providing women self-growth, parental education, relevant decrees and consulting as well as diverse supporting services to increase opportunities in self-growth, improvement of social competitiveness, creates and enhances opportunities and friendly environment for the equality development of women.

(3) Empowering Women Group for promotion of CEDAW: In response to the implementation of CEDAW on January 1st, 2012 and cooperate with the Executive Yuan for gender equality promotion of “Gender Equality Walk – Eliminate CEDAW program) by aggressively combining with private-section groups for the organization of CEDAW propaganda, seed faculty training, and relevant laws and regulations to inspect seminar activities and enhance private-sector women’s acquaintance and implementation of CEDAW.

II. Supervision on the operations of Foundation for Women’s Rights Promotion and Development
The Foundation for Women’s Rights Promotion and Development was founded by the Section with donation. The Section serves as the business supervision and advisory units to cooperate with the business re-allocation and attestation to the President and CEO for assignment. Additionally, the section cooperates with relevant units to submit administrative supervision required information.

III. Counseling and Management for National and Provincial Social Welfare Charity Foundation
The foundation organizes national and provincial social welfare charity foundation affairs, business, and financial counseling. Current matters of processing include: foundation resolution review operation, commission to professional accountants for financial management and audit, meeting contact, seminar training curriculum and assessment matters.

IV. Management of Taiwan Woman’s Center
Taiwan Woman’s Center was founded on March 8th, 2008. Located on the 9th floor of Liangzheng Building, No. 15, Sec. 1, Hanzhou S. Rd., Taipei City, the building is a multi-functional complex space that holds women, gender static exhibitions and information reading, relevant women and gender issue activities from time to time. The center also collects domestic and foreign women, gender related books, publications and meeting information and equipped with various meeting related devices and equipment to provide a comfortable meeting environment for women group education, training and gathering in Taiwan.

V. Organizing festival activities for International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day
In celebration of the International Women’s Day on March 8th, the Women’s Welfare Section has planned and organized festival activities for Women’s Day since 2004 in cooperation with the development trends of domestic and international women’s rights through the organization of press conference and relevant seminars. Additionally, to carry forward the glory of mothers love, the Section has organized festival activities for Mothers day since 2004 to present representative of disadvantaged mothers and promote the experience of pluralistic mothers functions.

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