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Publish Time: 2015/04/15


Policy on the Protection of Privacy Rights

Welcome to the Social and Family Affairs Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare website! To set your mind at ease as you use the services and information of this site, we would like first to explain our policy on the protection of your privacy rights. To ensure your rights, please carefully read the following:

‧ Scope of the Policy

The Policy governs how this site processes the individual personal data collected while you are visiting the site.

The Policy does not apply to related web links and extends only to personnel entrusted by this site and to those involved in its management.

‧ Data Collection and Use

In order to offer you the best possible interactive service, you may be asked to provide and/or allow some personal information to be collected:
When you use the interactive function of the customer service e-mail box or the questionnaire survey form, information you provide, such as your name, e-mail address, contact information and length of use, may be retained.

When you are browsing, the server may automatically make a record of your activity, including the IP address of the equipment you use to access the Internet, the length of time you spend at the site, what browser you use and the data you have browsed and accessed. We use this information as reference material to further develop our website services, and the information is for internal use only. Under no circumstances will it be made public.
In order to provide the best service, we may use the data obtained from questionnaire surveys to compile statistics, on which an analysis will be conducted. The analysis results or the description of the analysis may be used for internal studies and made public in cases where we deem necessary, but such information will not involve data on specific individuals.

Unless we receive your agreement or are directed by special legal regulations, we will under no circumstances make your personal data available to a third party or use these data for a purpose other than that for which they were collected.

‧ Data Protection

Our site’s computer mainframe is equipped with firewall, anti-virus and other information security applications, and we have taken all necessary information security measures. In addition, we have added very strict measures to protect the site itself and your personal information. Your personal information may be accessed only through authorized personnel. All personnel who process this data have signed a confidentiality agreement. If anyone breaks this agreement, he or she will be punished to the full extent of the relevant laws.

If for business reasons, it becomes necessary to entrust the provision of this service to a related office of this Social and Family Affairs Administration, Ministry of Health, this site will strictly require that it honor the obligations of the confidentiality agreement and will adopt the necessary review procedures to assure that this obligation is indeed carried out.

‧ Related Website Links

Our web page provides links to other websites, and you can select these websites through our links. However, our site’s policy on the protection of privacy rights does not apply to the linked sites. You must consult the linked sites for information on their policy.

‧ Use of Cookies

To provide you with the best possible service, we may download our Cookie into your computer for future use. If you do not wish to accept this Cookie, you can select the high security level on your browser, which will enable you to reject it. However, this may prevent you from using some functions of our site normally.

‧ Policy Revisions

This site’s policy on the protection of privacy rights will be revised as circumstances demand, and such revisions will be published on the si

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