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Publish Time: 2014/03/17


Children & Youth Welfare Division

To build a society based on “individual living care, healthy family functions and tighter community network,” besides taking priority in the best interests of children and youths, all children and youths related affairs should correspond with the strengthening of welfare service measures from all fields. Such affairs should target at the Convention on the Rights of the Child that aggressively promote and protect the identity, health, safety, right to education, social participation, expressed opinion, welfare, and to be protected and entitlement to game and leisure for proper age and gender, as well as development opportunities and rights. The all basic rights should be legislated to provide more complete welfare and maintain their rights exhaustively. In view of this, the Administration has established the child and youth welfare section with specific responsibility in the planning and promotion of children and youths related policies and welfare. The specific service measures are described in the follows:

I. Welfare Planning
(1) The formulation, explanation, advocacy and other legal affairs for children and youths welfare and rights protection.
(2) The planning and promotion of children and youths welfare service policies.
(3) Planning for responding strategies for population policies (low-birth rate).
(4) lanning and organizing child-rearing allowance for unemployed parents with children under 2 years old. For one of the parents (or guardians) or both parents who have not been able to get employment due to taking care of the young children, the low-income households will receive NT5,000 per person per month while the middle-to-low-income households shall receive NT4,000. Families tax filing falling under standards of Individual Income Tax or the tax rate under 20%, shall receive grants of NT2,500.
(5)  The planning, promotion and related laws and regulations ormulation for children and youths financial safety policies: Organizing living assistance for middle-to-low-income households with children and youths, emergency living assistance for children and youths from disadvantaged families, NHI subsidies for children and youths of low-to-middle Income families, and medical care subsidies for children under 3 years old.

II. Rights Development
(1) Organizing rights development affairs in the Protection of Children and Youths Welfare and Rights Act.
(2) Establish “Promotional Team for Children and Youths Welfare and Rights, Executive Yuan” and the similar Promotional Team of MOHW, which holding cross-administrative meeting periodically to discuss, research and inquire on children and youths welfare policies. The primary mission of Promotional Teams is promoting interdepartmental coordination for establishing unified collaboration mechanisms.
(3) The “Promotional Team for Children and Youths Injury Prevention” was assembled in October 2011 with the representatives from government, scholars, experts and civil groups. The team holds up regular “Children and Youths Injury Prevention Coordination Meeting” to reinforce the cross-administrative prevention mechanisms. Furthermore, promoting “Children and Youths Safety Implementation Plan” to enforce promotional strategies for the individuals, home, transportation, campus, games, waters, employment, and other safety dimension through professional consolidated platform to strengthen the safety protection network for children and youths.
(4) Promoting children’s human rights and cultivate children and youths consulting representatives to improve children and youths development and social participation in addition to organizing the different advocacy activities.
(5) Organize the medical, schooling, living care and other rights for children and youths without nationality, non-Taiwan nationality, and without household registration.
(6) Other protections related to children and youths welfare and rights.

III. Resettlement and Counseling
(1) Organizing statutory matters for children and youths placement counseling affairs in the Protection of Children and Youths Welfare and Rights Act.
(2) Counseling and commissioning private-sector groups for the organization of the placement business for children and youths placement and education institutions to provide a placement service due to the family encountering of major incidents, loss of dependence, poverty or children and youths still require protection.
(3) Organizing children and youths placement and education institution co-assessment to improve the service quality for the placement and education institutions for the children and youths.
(4) Establishing case management system of children and youths placement and education institutions to strengthen managing the service of clients in the institution and care leavers’ independent living service for controlling and assuring the overall placement services for children and youths.
(5) Others business counseling affairs related to children and youths placement and education institutions.

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