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Publish Time: 2018/11/30


Presentation of Warm Light: Local Sustainable Development Trips

The Social and Family Affairs Administration affiliated to the Ministry of Health and Welfare (SFAA in short) in pursuit of the public promotion for understanding and support of social innovation and social enterprises (SE) in association with the Foundation of Women’s Rights Promotion and Development and the Impact Hub Taipei sponsored a presentation of Presentation of Warm Light: Local Sustainable Development Trips at the atrium of the Social Innovation Lab Taipei in the afternoon on the thirteenth of November; furthermore, in compliance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Goal 10 Reduced Inequalities, Goal 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities and Goal 15 Life on Land, by selecting six out of the social innovation organizations in diverse patterns in Taiwan and inviting our NPO and NGO partners and friends concerned for issues on social innovation to tour around the Island of Taiwan, we deeply sensed vitality and activity shown by our local organizations for sustainable development in Taiwan, hopefully the fruits of real field experiences exchanged and shared reciprocally help increase the public acknowledgment of social innovation to manage the SE-friendly ecosystem and secure social enterprises with sturdy development to produce a positive and fruitful social impact. 

In addition, in response to the public need of social impact assessment, SFAA in association with the Research Institute of Social Enterprise, Feng Chia University issued the Social Impact Navigator in accordance with the Social Reporting Standard SRS initiated by PHINEO German NGO Development Alliance.

Initiated by the vision and mission, the pathways known to the public: Input, Output, Outcome and Impact apply to development of the social impact assessment operational tool.  Hao Wang Director of the Research Institute of Social Enterprise was invited at the presentation for presenting and sharing such tool with the participants in person for practical application.  

SFAA in pursuit of anticipating the government as the facilitator and enabler to inspire NPO/NGO and social enterprises for advanced momentum and innovation development also expects to see the Social Impact Navigator not only help NPO/NGO and social enterprises examine external environments and internal structures but also initiate overall development towards a positive and balanced direction for the social co-prosperity in addition to attainments of social values and operational performance.  

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