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Publish Time: 2021/11/27


【Press Release】A Model for the Golden Eagle -The ceremony of 25th Golden Eagle Model Persons with Disabilities Awards

The Ministry of Health and Welfare held the ceremony of “25th Golden Eagle Model Persons with Disabilities Awards” on the eve of the “International Day of Persons with Disabilities” on November 27th, 2021. The Executive Yuan Executive Council Member Wan-i Lin and the Health and Welfare Minister Shih-chung Chen personally expressed their heartfelt admiration and blessings to the 10 winners. They were awarded with the highest honor of the Golden Eagle medals and trophies, affirming the winners of their positive attitude to overcome obstacles and outdo themselves to inject positive energy into society.

The “Disability Model Golden Eagle Award” has now entered its 25th year, and a total of more than 290 outstanding individuals with disabilities have been given this Award. Every recipient went through three stages of fair, impartial, and rigorous evaluation that finally determined these 10 excellent winners. Each of the excellent winners has acted commendably in fields such as education, culture, employment, art, and public welfare services to promote the public’s awareness and concern about issues related to persons with disabilities.

Having the Courage to Try and Live Wonderful Lives

Ming-hsuan Ho, the person with severe visual disability, has been a teacher of the Visual Disability Special Education Classroom at Wuchang Junior High School for 16 years and established the Wuchang Hearts and Ears Band where normal students and visually impaired students work together and help each other. Kao-yan Yo suffers from severe autism, but is able to convey strong emotions using concise texts through his moving poems. He provides people with warmth and comfort, and he has been an eight-time consecutive winner of (The Enable Prize) and other literary awards while also being recognized with the “Presidential Education Award.” Tsai-yu Kuo, the person with severe facial disability, works as a designer at Taiwan AI Labs and has devoted herself to public welfare as the spokesperson of the Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation for face equality. She has traveled to campuses and workplaces to share her life experiences and pass on positive energy to encourage many people with disabilities. Yu-ling Chou, the person with severe visual disability , serves as the first business director of the Eden Visual Disability Reconstruction Center that helps people with visual disabilities to develop their potential and participate in society, and has encouraged more than 200 visual disabilities to try out extreme sports.

Challenge Life and Realizing Potential

Yi-kuang Chueh, diagnosed with schizophrenia, was treated at the day ward of Taipei Veterans General Hospital and after his condition became stable, he began to work at the Outpatient Clinic Shop. In 2020, he was transferred back to the Employee’s Cooperative Headquarters Branch and was appointed as the store manager for his outstanding performance at the outpatient clinic shop. Yueh-yan Huang, who suffers from Motor Neuron Disease, serves as a committee member of the Taiwan Motor Neuron Disease Association’s Patient Services Committee. She has been actively advocating for the rights of patients for a long time, and has provided her fellow patients with plenty of positive energy with her life story. Fu-hua Chuang, the person with multiple severe disabilities, communicates with the outside world through the digital phonetics table and Morse code, writes poems, and is a life education lecturer that has been talking to people about love and courage in Taiwan and abroad.

Living Life and Creating Value

Chun-chieh Lin, who suffers from the rare osteogenesis imperfecta, established the Taipei NewVitality Independent Living Association with some friends to actively promote the independent lifestyle for people with disabilities, advocating for legal amendments, holding workshops and other activities to create a barrier-free society. Hsin-shen Cheng, the person with severe visual disability, called on some friends to establish the Taiwan Vineyard Arts Association to accompany the children of rural environment and tribes throughout their growth with paintings and music. He has held more than 100 courses at places such as Taitung Taima Village’s Hsinhsing Tribe, and nurtured 52 schoolchildren. Yi-ching Chen, the person with severe hearing disability, has been promoting sign language education for a long time and has served as a sign language interpretation. As a drafter of the Exam Drafting Committee and trainee lecturer, she has assisted the people with heairing disabilities in communicating with society, and has made significant contributions to sign language and helping out.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare stated that with the recognition of the Golden Eagle Model Persons with Disabilities Awards and the stories of these 10 recipients, hopefully they can inspire more people and encourage them to continue working hard and shine brightly to live brilliant lives of their own.In order to create equality, respect, inclusion society, mainstream society could create more opportunities to engage people with disabilities .

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