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Social and Family Affairs Administration, MOHW

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Fill out the case
Supported formats:txt, doc, pdf, ppt, xls, jpg, gif, rar, zip.
The total files attached no more than 2Mbytes
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Fill out the profile
In terms of the provisions prescribed in the Personal Information Protection Act, any profile specifically filled out for this System will not be used for the purpose other than the scope necessary to enforce the statutory duties specifically given to the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
Please divide plural email addresses by commas.
Identification code
Please input the text in the graph without blank and capital.
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Receive the acoustic identification code

As the letter has been received by the general window, a notice of the acceptance will be sent to the email address as specified therein; moreover, the case will be referred to one or plural competent authorities for the handling depending on the nature of the content and the status of the handling will be replied within a time of 7 workdays from the date of the acceptance if possible.


  • Administrative resources pertain to the citizens and cannot be used to the case that lacks any subject and object of a specific act, is a vent of negative emotions or are nonsense webpage links or internet rumors in need of verification, so such case will not be handled. Where an official is made enforce a specific duty, the case will be handled under offenses of obstructing an officer in discharge of duties.
  • In terms of the provisions prescribed in Article 14 of the Guide for the Executive Yuan and its Affiliated Agencies to Handle the Complaints and Petitions Filed by the Citizens, the case with any of the circumstance as follows will not be handled:
    1. The case lacks a specific content or has no real name or contact manners;
    2. The case that has been properly handled and a specific reply has been given repeatedly is filed;
    3. The name, address, contact phone number or email address filled out in the letter is verified to be fake, anonymous or false;
    4. Where the case is wrongly filed and that the petitioner has been filed the case of the same cause to the competent authority has been known.
※ The notice of the acceptance will not be sent to the email address unless the System receives the case via the general window. ※
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